Seven Occasions that you can Rent a Photo Booth for

Any celebration will require that you take pictures of the event. And what is a better way to do that than renting a photo booth in Malaysia? Whatever kind of party or occasion you are planning to hold, photo booths can add a lot to it. According to, renting a photo booth for an … [Read more…]

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Spektrum Asia’s Influence in International Photography

Photography websites cover different topics. Some help people learn more about photography while others just do a showcase of their works. One thing is for sure, they can have a big influence on how their audience receives photography. As an international photography agency, Spektrum Asia has used their expertise in Western photography and other disciplines […]

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Top Reasons A Photo Book In Malaysia Is A Wonderful Gift

Everyone knows that some of the most wonderful gifts that you get will be those that come from the heart. They are sentimental in nature and they are just right for keeping for a lifetime. With our modernized world, it gets more and more difficult to find great gifts that will represent family and love. […]

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Gorgeous Malaysia Photo Book

Are you hoping to put together a photo book that is going to be sifted through for years to come? You will want something that is aesthetic and has the quality that you would want to see in a book of this nature. There are other ways of getting the photos compiled, but they are…

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Find The Best Professional Photobooth Rentals Offered In Malaysia

This information will really add up over the long-term. There are so many people who don’t take the time to do this nearly as much as they really should and it ends up holding them back. Don’t allow that to happen to you since ultimately you won’t end up being happy. Try to stay as…

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5 Reasons A Photo Book In Malaysia Makes A Great Gift

We all know that some of the most beautiful gifts that you can give come from the heart and they’re sentimental enough to be kept for a lifetime. Unfortunately, our modernized world doesn’t make it easy to find good gifts…

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How To Choose A Shanghai Photographer

If you’re in the market to hire a Shanghai photographer, there are several aspects of hiring them that you need to consider before making a choice. For instance, you need to review their existing work, as well as look over what their services will cost, and their availability as well. Carefully looking at each of…

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